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Stockton, California’s city manager quit after being stalked by police  (August 2011)

This is a rare clear example of a relatively high-profile gang stalking incident reported in the news media. The incident not only involved stalking by police, it involved a target who was a local government official. This is exactly the sort of event that many gang stalking victims probably would wish might happen so the scandal of gang stalking would finally get exposed, yet the incident only received local news coverage.

Reportedly, the local cops started brazenly harassing Bob Deis, the city manager of Stockton – at his home – as retaliation and/or to intimidate him after contract negotiations broke down. Incredibly, the Stockton Police Officers Association purchased the home next to Mr. Deis and began harassing him with noise and other gang stalking tactics.

Apparently, the stalking was successful: the city manager quit. His account of what happened was backed up by the mayor of Stockton, Ann Johnston.

The tactics suggest that (a) the cops were familiar with just how brutally effective organized harassment and intimidation can be, and (b) they were used to getting away with that kind of abuse. It makes you wonder – or it should – what they would do to someone who is less well-connected than a city manager.

You might expect this sort of thing to happen in a third world country, but not in a modern democracy. Nevertheless, as far as I am aware, no one in the national mainstream news media – or at groups like the ACLU – picked up on the significance of this. It’s hard to say whether that was simply because the matter passed under the radar in a big country with lots of news, or if it was laziness by the national press who should be calling attention to such things, or if the story did get noticed, but was quietly supressed.

A local TV news channel (KCRA Channel 3) did – to its credit – broadcast a brief, but fascinating report on the matter (linked below). The video clip might ring a few bells with gang stalking victims.

The city manager’s last name, Deis, rhymes with “Dice,” so someone (presumably the cops) placed a bumper sticker on his car with a cartoon of a boy urinating on a pair of dice. Acts such as that – and the use of noise, and cutting down trees bordering Mr. Deis’s property, etc. were essentially psychological operations (“psyops”) tactics. Such things would be intimidating from any stalkers, let alone stalkers who have police powers.

Sadly, no one in the mainstream news media connected the dots between this gang stalking incident and the larger scandal of gang stalking generally (or if they did, they kept quiet about it).

To its credit, the local San Joaquin County newspaper, The Record, published this article about the matter.

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Local TV news broadcast about organized stalking in Pennsylvania and West Virginia  (November 14, 2013)

Reporter Erin MacPherson with WDTV Channel 5 News (a local CBS affiliate in West Virginia) presented this report about “organized stalking” in November 2013. The broadcast features testimony from two individuals from Pennsylvania who appear to be credible and sincere, discussing their constant harassment by perpetrators using gang stalking tactics.

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ABC News TV Program 20/20 broadcast about organized stalking in Ohio (May 2014)

A report on the ABC News TV program 20/20 – and an article in the Daily Mail – in May 2014 chronicled the ordeal of a couple in Hubbard, Ohio who were systematically harassed for 7 years in a vengeance campaign orchestrated by the town’s fire chief. Apparently, the fire chief was angry at the couple because of a real estate dispute, so he enlisted the help of other firefighters, police officers, and local residents to perpetrate a campaign of constant vehicle horn honking outside the couple’s home. The harassment – which the couple thoroughly documented on video – resulted in legal claims which were still pending at the time of the news reports.

Video taken by the victims of the harassment:

This 2-minute video perfectly illustrates the relentless harassment:

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Local TV news broadcast about organized stalking flyers distributed in Guilford, Connecticut  (July 4, 2014)

A local TV news report on WTNH News 8 in Connecticut in July 2014 reported that hundreds of “suspicious flyers” about “gang stalking” were being distributed in Guilford, CT. The flyers made reference to this website (Fight Gang Stalking), and alleged that organized counterintelligence stalking was being perpetrated in Guilford.

If the above YouTube link stops working, you can also watch the broadcast at the WTNH News 8 website.

The news was also reported on a local NBC TV news affiliate, and an article in the Connecticut newspaper, The Courant.

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Frontline Documentary: Top Secret America – 9/11 to the Boston Bombings  (April 30, 2013)

A fascinating documentary about America’s secret surveillance and counter-terrorism infrastructure. The whole thing is interesting, but if nothing else, watch the set-up (minutes 3 to 6) and the five minutes or so in the middle about journalists uncovering the massive shadowy industry of private intelligence firms (minutes 27 to 32).

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Bill Moyers interviews Mike Lofgren about the “Deep State”
(February 21, 2014)

To understand organized stalking, it is necessary to understand the power structure which sanctions it. Mike Lofgren, a former congressional staff member offers a sort of unified theory of the current U.S. power structure which attempts to explain the connection between Washington, Wall Street, the Pentagon, Silicon Valley, the intelligence community and law enforcement.

“There is another government concealed behind the one that is visible at either end of Pennsylvania Avenue, a hybrid entity of public and private institutions ruling the country according to consistent patterns in season and out, connected to, but only intermittently controlled by, the visible state whose leaders we choose. My analysis of this phenomenon is not an exposé of a secret, conspiratorial cabal; the state within a state is hiding mostly in plain sight.” – Mike Lofgren

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Political activist intensely spied upon for years by the FBI
(June 14, 2011)

For anyone familiar with the FBI’s history, it is not breaking news that they sometimes keep a very close watch on persons who have even mildly interesting political views. Still, this is a good reminder that such policies are alive and well in today’s FBI.

Progressive journalist Amy Goodman interviews Scott Crow, an environmental activist, who was placed under intense surveillance for years, despite having no criminal charges against him. The other guest in this interview is Mike German, a former FBI agent and whistle-blower, who is now with the ACLU.

The FBI’s activities in this case were not gang stalking, but they included some things that are familiar to gang stalking victims: agents tracked his emails and phone calls and picked through his trash, monitored the vehicles parked in front of his residence, etc.

As I note elsewhere in this website, media and civil rights groups which gang stalking victims might assume would be sympathetic to complaints of gang stalking are conspicuously silent about the subject. That includes two of the groups represented here: Democracy Now! and the ACLU – neither of whom, as far as I know, respond to inquiries about gang stalking. Presumably, interviews such as this one are as close to the topic as they feel safe getting.

It’s revealing that even getting this close to the subject of gang stalking was too much for the fed’s. The comments posted on YouTube under this video clip when I last checked were filled with the usual fake tin-foil hat rantings that disinformation agents use to discredit anything that exposes them.

If this link is disabled, you can find the video clip by searching YouTube for “Gang Stalking = Counterintelligence – Mike German & Scott Crow”

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TV news report about gang stalking in California
(January 29, 2011) 

A January 29, 2011 TV news broadcast in California (Channel 46 – KION and Channel 35 – KCBA) featured this report about gang stalking.

The news report is significant because it is rare for gang stalking to be discussed in TV news reports and rare for police officers to publicly mention the term.

In the segment’s introduction, a reporter said that police describe gang stalking as “bullying on steroids” – which is certainly an accurate description.

A self-proclaimed victim of gang stalking, Lawrence Guzzino of Salinas, California, was interviewed in the report. He described his experiences in a way that seemed credible and consistent with numerous such accounts. Guzzino said he was being systematically stalked in his neighborhood.

The reporters indicated that Guzzino’s case was not unique. They characterized gang stalking as a “trend” that involves, among other things, overt stalking to “terrorize” the victim.

Larry Richard, a police lieutenant with the Santa Cruz Police Department, was interviewed in the report, and he stated that gang stalking is not new.

Unfortunately, the report’s assertions become a bit muddled at this point, because Richard’s description of gang stalking makes reference to online bullying via social media, such as Facebook and Twitter. The reporter did not explicitly ask him about overt stalking done in-person, so he never clearly addressed the issue.

Note however that Richard did say that gang stalking predates the era of online social media – which implies that it must involve other tactics as well.

Also note that – as mentioned above – the report begins by saying that police characterize gang stalking as “bullying on steroids,” which sounds more serious than simply posting some rude comments on the Internet. The description is not specifically attributed to Larry Richard, however, so it is unclear who said it.

Update – attorney Keith Labella obtained a letter about the report.

On the basis of the California Public Records Act, attorney Keith Labella requested and obtained additional information about this incident – specifically, a letter from Lieutenant Richard dated March 30, 2011, in which he describes gang stalking.

This is the body of Larry Richard’s letter – including typo’s:

“Candice Nguyen from KION is doing a story ion this phenomenon called “Gang Stalking”. It has nothing to do with “gangs”, rather it is a form of cyber-bullying. The intent is a psychological impact and socially ostresizing the targeted person. With tools available to track someone (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc) it has made people more vulnerable to this. It has implications to workplace violence, love relationships gone bad, etc. I told Candice it is like Mean Girls or cyber-bullying on steroids.”

In my opinion, it is clear that Lieutenant Richard is simply lying in this letter.

The letter was produced in response to the request by Labella for written clarification and confirmation of the news report. Richards had two months between the TV news broadcast and the preparation of this letter. He had to know that the TV broadcast specifically discussed claims of overt physical stalking, but he completely dodges that issue by neither confirming or denying any awareness of such stalking, and instead addresses only the unrelated issue of cyber-bullying.

Here is the letter:

Lt. Richard’s Letter

Here is the video clip of the TV broadcast:

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ABC TV program about how civilians can be easily duped into participating in crimes against people they don’t know  (2010)

The following video clip is a segment of an ABC TV program originally broadcast in 2010. While it does not, by itself, prove anything about the widespread existence of organized stalking crimes, it does perfectly illustrate the ease with which non-suspecting members of the public can be duped into participating in such things by a street-wise private investigator type portraying himself as a law enforcement officer. The video is vastly more compelling than any written description of the process.

If the above link ever ceases to be valid, you can easily locate the video clip by a Google search of “ABC + gangstalking + John Quinones + Comply or question authority?”

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Excerpt from a C-SPAN program about the FBI’s Cointelpro operations and the CIA’s Project MK Ultra

This powerful 12-minute clip from a C-SPAN program includes testimony from members of the U.S. Senate’s Church Committee investigation describing how even members of the senate had been completely clueless about the shocking secret illegal activities of the rogue intelligence and law enforcement agencies (the CIA and FBI) until the activities were exposed by outsiders.

Note that the testimony at the very beginning of the clip includes a mention of the fact that the investigation found that intelligence and law enforcement agencies were using criminals (the mafia) to perform some of the operations. This is exactly the allegation being made about gang stalking (the current version of Cointelpro) – namely, that many of the street-level operations are delegated to criminals (not just rogue neighborhood watch groups and vigilantes).

Every American high school student should be required to review this kind of material about Cointelpro and MK Ultra, so they will have a clue about what kind of evil unconstitutional crimes against American citizens the secret agencies of our government commit whenever they’re not kept on a very short leash.

For anyone familiar with gang stalking, the connection is direct and obvious. When you survey the available information (books, articles, documentaries, websites, etc.) about clandestine programs in the U.S., such as Cointelpro and MK Ultra, it becomes clear that gang stalking is the modern version of these programs.

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Documentary on Cointelpro

This the first part of a documentary about Cointelpro by Marshall Thomas, who has also posted videos about related subjects, such as MK Ultra, and gang stalking.

Since these videos have been created and posted by an individual, they don’t have professional-quality editing. The basic facts about Cointelpro are not in dispute however; the whole scandal is well-documented by numerous official and private sources.

Posted on YouTube with this title:  “Cointelpro FBI (#24)”

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Documentary on Gang Stalking

This is another documentary by Marshall Thomas, like the one above. I would have made different choices regarding some of the images used, and I would prefer that Thomas’s analysis include an acknowledgement that many of his assertions are speculative, but this short documentary does seem to present a coherent – if disturbing – explanation of organized stalking.

The documentary offers a view consistent with gang stalking victims’ accounts and with U.S. history. For the most part, this documentary is also consistent with my own analysis, as presented on the What is “Gang Stalking?” page of this website. In essence, Thomas believes that the CIA’s MK Ultra program and the FBI’s Cointelpro operations have continued in a more sophisticated form. The stalking and harassment of targeted individuals serves both counterintelligence and experimental purposes, and is a covert mechanism of social control.

Regarding the organizational structure of the current version of counterintelligence stalking, Thomas believes that much of the spying and harassment is delegated by the intelligence community to local groups, and – at the lowest levels – is further delegated to people such as ex-prisoners and others whose associations are plausibly deniable. I do not entirely disagree, although the documentary does not explore the likely role of Law Enforcement Intelligence Units (LEIUs), and the possible involvement of Surveillance Role Players (SRPs), which I discuss elsewhere in this website.

If this documentary is not entirely accurate, it is certainly not entirely wrong either.

Part 1   Posted on YouTube as “Targeted Individuals (TI’s) (#31)”

Part 2   Posted on YouTube as “Targeted Individuals (TI’s) (#32)”

Thanks to for posting these links.

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Documentary on U.S. Counterintelligence Operations

In August and September 2013 WhoWhatWhy posted on their website this five-part documentary on the use of counterintelligence tactics and strategies by the U.S. and other Western governments.

I concur with the website editor’s assessment that this documentary “is an enormously compelling and worthwhile watch.”

I would encourage anyone targeted by counterintelligence gang stalking crimes to share this documentary with their friends, relatives, neighbors, and colleagues so they will have some perspective on the well-established history of serious crimes perpetrated by the U.S. government.

Because of the nature of the subject material, some of the content is unavoidably speculative, but much of it is not, and it includes a lot of shocking material from what skeptics would normally regard as blue-chip journalistic sources (CBS’s 60 Minutes, for example).

This documentary covers a lot of ground – not just counterintelligence. Some of it could use some tighter editing in my view, but it is still very much worth watching; it contains a lot of important and disturbing material and also views which are normally omitted or downplayed in mainstream U.S. news.

The U.S. domestic counterintelligence operation of organized stalking is a product of a larger philosophy about U.S. military and police power, and information such as that provided by this documentary helps to illuminate the larger context.

Part 1  History of intelligence agencies, military contractors, disinformation campaigns, the Iran-Contra scandal, assassinations

Part 2  The CIA’s deep involvement in blackmarket drug sales, corporations, and crime syndicates

Part 3  False flag operations such as Operation Northwoods and Operation Gladio, murdering civilians, conspiracy theories

Part 4  State-sponsored terrorism, School of the Americas, Harvey Point, death squads in El Salvador, Operation Phoenix in Vietnam, death squads in Iraq, John Stockwell – CIA whistle-blower, Dan Mitrione – U.S. State Department torture techniques instructor, lying about warfare in the U.S. corporate news media, the Battle of Fallujah, U.S. military strategy in the Middle East, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Part 5  Drone warfare, interviews with famous whistle-blowers.

Scott Noble, the filmmaker who made Counter-Intelligence, was interviewed in July 2014. You can read the interview here.

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Episode from a TV series hosted by Jesse Ventura

Former U.S. Navy Seal and Governor of Minnesota, Jesse Ventura, hosted a TV program on truTV which ran for three seasons, beginning
in December 2009. This is one of the episodes which covered topics relevant to U.S. domestic counterintelligence operations, including high-tech spy gear and the unholy neo-fascist alliance called InfraGard – a secretive partnership between various corporations and the FBI.

The segment on spy gear begins at 17:27

The segment on InfraGard begins at 25:00

Episode #4 – “Big Brother”  

Originally broadcast on December 23, 2009

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Documentary about a victim of Cointelpro

Movie Star: The Secret Lives of Jean Seberg  (2013)

This link is to a website about a documentary released in November 2013 about a famous actress, Jean Seaberg, who was a victim of gang stalking by the FBI during the original Cointelpro operations.

Because she supported the civil rights movement, FBI agents blacklisted Ms. Seaberg, slandered her, monitored her with covert surveillance (wiretaps), and terrorized her with overt surveillance (stalking) and black bag jobs (break-ins).

Emotional distress from the terror campaign waged by the FBI against Ms. Seberg (while she was pregnant) apparently caused her to give birth prematurely (her baby died), and ultimately led her to commit suicide.

Here is my take on the case of Jean Seberg on the “Cointelpro News” page of this website.

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If you can help expose illegal spying and harassment of Americans by intelligence agencies, law enforcement agencies, and private security contractors, please do so. America needs more patriots like Daniel Ellsberg, Edward Snowden, Jeremy Hammond, Barrett Brown, Russell Tice, William Binney, Ray McGovern, Thomas Drake, Frank Serpico, Thomas Tamm, Hugh Thompson, Jr., William C. Davidon, John Raines, Bonnie Raines, Keith Forsyth, Judi Feingold, and Bob Williamson.

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