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This is my email address. I will try to answer your questions, but keep in mind that most of what I know about counterintelligence disruption operations is already posted on this website. If you have documents you want me to look at, please include them in the body of your email, rather than sending them as attachments.


I encourage everyone to use Hushmail. When emails are exchanged between two users of Hushmail, the contents are automatically encrypted. Of course, all digital privacy measures can be overcome, but it’s better to at least make the effort to be as secure as possible. You can set up a free and anonymous account at in about two minutes. The only drawback to (the free version of) their email service is that you must use the account at least once every three weeks to keep it active.


Time constraints often prevent me from responding to emails promptly. Sometimes I am unable to reply to any emails other than the few which contain links to credible, relevant news reports.


Anyone writing to ask for very general advice, or tips about private investigators or lawyers to contact, will probably not receive a reply. Similarly, you should not waste your time asking me about “support groups” for victims of illegal harassment by public and private intelligence and law enforcement agencies. I am unaware of any such groups that are legitimate.

Mission Statement

Fight Gang Stalking is a non-profit website (disregard the .com domain – there is nothing for sale here) dedicated to exposing the use of illegal counterintelligence tactics against American citizens by U.S. intelligence and law enforcement agencies and private security-intelligence contractors.

How You Can Help

If you see any published news reports about organized stalking which are not already posted here – or if you have suggestions about exposing the perpetrators of organized stalking – please let me know, so I can share them.

About Me

I am a former member of the U.S. military, and I spent years working in the corporate security industry. I also have first-hand experience as a target of the kind of illegal harassment described on this website. Based partly on my personal experiences, I belong to a radical fringe group called “the majority of Americans” – whose members believe that our nation’s government is more of a threat to Americans’ rights than it is a defender of Americans’ rights.

“…54% [of likely U.S. voters] consider the federal government today a threat to individual liberty rather than a protector. Just 22% see the government as a protector of individual rights…”

– Rasmussen poll, April 2014

“According to a CNN/ORC International poll, 13 percent of Americans say they trust the federal government to do what is right at least most of the time, the lowest figure recorded in more than 55 years of reporting.”

– Politico, August 2014

Unauthorized versions of this website

Currently, I do not post material associated with this website on any other websites – including social media platforms, such as Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter. Any references to this website that you might see elsewhere were not created by me.


Shining a Light on Stalking Crimes

  • Visits to this website during the month of August 2013:  841
  • Visits to this website during the month of August 2014:  8,448
  • Visits to this website during the month of August 2015:  9,180
  • Visits to this website during the month of August 2016:  12,041

While the web traffic is still microscopic by the standards of some blogs, the trend is encouraging, especially for an anonymous website – with a budget of nothing – whose topic is relatively obscure.

Although the core of this website is a collection of published news reports, those reports are presented in the context of my personal best-guess analysis. Unavoidably – given the subject matter, such analysis involves speculation; however, my speculation is at least based upon personal experience of this form of crime, from the perspective of a victim. Most readers, of course, will have no way of knowing – with certainty – whether my claims about that personal experience are legitimate, although I hope that readers are able to get a sense of the plausibility of what I say here by considering the website in its totality.

From my perspective, the positive responses I get from readers – and, more tellingly, efforts at intimidation I get from the perpetrators of counterintelligence stalking – suggest that the analysis presented in this website is mostly or entirely accurate. In January 2014, one of the disinformation front groups associated with this form of illegal harassment, OSI, threatened me with legal action – and that’s one of the least disturbing efforts at intimidation I have encountered. I describe in detail in this site some of the threats I have received.

Although nearly 80 percent of the visitors to this website are from America, a typical day includes web traffic from about a dozen other nations. Not surprisingly, a significant number of visits are from Canada, the U.K., and Australia. In addition to the English language, those countries share significant intelligence agency ties. Your guess is as good as mine about what – if any – coordination and communication might exist between professional goons in those countries, regarding extrajudicial punishment and disinformation, but this website contains links to published news reports about counterintelligence stalking and Zersetzung practices in all of those nations.

Thank you very much to those readers who help me by bringing important relevant news reports to my attention so that I can, in turn, share them with others. Please do whatever you can to help expose the illegal use of Stasi-type counterintelligence tactics by U.S. government agencies and private security corporations.

Thank you, in particular, to the reader whose ongoing correspondence deepens and sharpens what is presented here (you know who you are). Your personal experience, editorial judgment, research, proofreading skills, and friendship, have been invaluable to me. This website’s goal – attempting to fill the huge gap in America’s investigative journalism about this topic – has been advanced enormously by your contributions, and I will be forever grateful.


Mozilla’s Firefox web-browser sometimes clashes with the blog template I use for this website, making it difficult or impossible to read. When visiting Fight Gang Stalking, you might want to use a different browser, such as Google Chrome.


If you can help expose illegal spying and harassment of Americans by intelligence agencies, law enforcement agencies, and private security contractors, please do so. America needs more patriots like Daniel Ellsberg, Edward Snowden, Jeremy Hammond, Barrett Brown, Russell Tice, William Binney, Ray McGovern, Thomas Drake, Frank Serpico, Thomas Tamm, Hugh Thompson, Jr., William C. Davidon, John Raines, Bonnie Raines, Keith Forsyth, Judi Feingold, and Bob Williamson.

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This website is dedicated to Carla – who understood perfectly
the need to confront evil, and had the courage that requires.
Her assistance was critical to building this website, and her death
 was a loss to everyone who cares about exposing stalking crimes.